Our Story

Kara stands for "Pure" in Sanskrit. We, a young couple who met and instantly bonded over our shared passion for teas, conceptualized the brand ‘Kara’ to offer all you tea lovers — a taste of purity and bliss. From the ancient Tea Estates of Assam to the mesmerizing landscapes of Darjeeling, we sought the finest tea gardens and carefully crafted each blend that reflects the inherent flavors and unfolds the rich aromas of tea.

Guided by our commitment to purity, we ensure using only natural ingredients and ethically sourced tea leaves. We believe that Tea has an inherent ability to connect hearts and minds and its essence lies in being all natural and pure.

As the story of ‘Kara’ continues to unfold, we invite you to experience the sheer delight of each of our unique creations as we persistently craft new blends to reflect the innate flavors and character of the tea.

Rishi & Chavi