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Made with 100% Natural Ingredients

Immerse yourself in the wholesome essence of our products, expertly crafted with ingredients sourced solely from Mother Earth.

Best Sellers

Best Sellers

Kara's Treasures

Tea Gifts

Create an impression with our Unique & Elegant Gift Collection. Our tea gift boxes allow you to customize your own gift or choose from our thoughtfully curated assortment.


A truly genuine and exceptional tea experience with a focus on authenticity, purity, and traditional methods of cultivation and processing


A delightful brew that warms the soul and brings joy with every sip


Rich heritage and time-honored craftsmanship that contribute to the exceptional quality and timeless charm of tea.

Tea By Types

Tea By Types

Client Spotlight!

"I learned about Teas by Kara through a colleague, who'd used them for an office event. So I decided to hold a tea party at my office and they were phenomenal! They brought their own stands to display the tea and had an impressive collection and signage. Everyone loved the teas and we purchased tons of extras for everyone to take home. People couldn't wait to share with their families and loved ones! These teas are fragrant, very good quality, and beautiful as gifts!"

-M.Q. (Block, Inc.)

Weekly Specials

Weekly Specials

Sustainability & Ethical Sourcing

At Kara, sustainability and ethical sourcing are at the heart of everything we do. We are dedicated to cultivating our teas with care, ensuring that every sip you take contributes to a healthier planet and supports tea-growing communities. From environmentally-friendly farming practices to fair wages for farmers, we prioritize sustainable sourcing to bring you the finest teas while making a positive impact.

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